I can actually not write for money

These past weeks have seen me cutting down on paid posts. I either am tired of writing the same stuffs or tired of the glitches going on.

It is also a test on how disciplined I am. There are certainly many things I can take up and write for money as I have not exhausted all the avenues. But somehow, the thrill of getting USD5 is not there anymore. I have raised my standard a little bit to USD10 or no deal. Hehehe, unless I can bang my keyboard and write 10 X USD5 in one sitting. But it is not easy because I need to write 20 normal posts. And it is not easy to come up with the topic after talking about the clothes I was in, the weather, the festivals and foods I eat. It is insane to write 30 post in one shot.

Ultimately, I realised that I can keep myself away from money. This is a good sign that I am not addicted to paid posts. I hope the reduction in paid posts will augur well with readers. Because I am tired of reading paid posts on the same topic from so many bloggers friends. :P

I wonder when is the next avalanche of paid opportunities? I love those, when there are so many opps to grab and so little time to do it.

Post Author: lilian