How your business benefits from paid posts

If you are an advertiser or looking for means to improve the visibility of your company’s website, there are many ways to do it. One of them is by hiring bloggers to review your company services or products and in return, they will blog about it on their blogs.

Have you wonder if this method works? How long before you can see the results of your investment? Here is proof of one of the campaigns carried out by a company selling leads:


Can I sell leads? Is something many people wants to ask. There are 26.5 millions results on Google.


I took one paid post writing about selling leads. I admit I am not very familiar with the whole process but I made it clear on my review. In my opinion, I gave my honest review, take my money and feel good I have done my job.

In return, I am also happy that the advertiser benefits from it because out of the 26.5 million, my post appeared on the first page, just after the company. (the position may change from time to time)

If you are a potential client, you will feel more comfortable hearing from a third party, i.e. bloggers’ reviews and have more assurance when you surf over to the company’s site.

My post was written only five days ago and yet, it has rise up to the first page. Therefore, if you have business sites to promote, do it through paid posts.

Hire me! I only charge USD60 per post. You can do it via PayPerPost Direct. (button on the sidebar) Or email me direct. No gambling, drugs, loans, adult or any male enhancement sites please.

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