How writing paid posts MAY increase Google Adsense

Many people are terribly afraid of the mention of ‘paid posts’. I have read and seen so many naysayers telling us that we are going to be struck down dead and left to rot by the Big G if they ever found us writing paid posts. A few probloggers have called us whoring for a few bucks. I don’t totally agree nor do I totally disagreed. It’s my business what I want to do with my own blog so they can jeer all they want.

I believe bloggers should have a balance number of non-paid posts and paid posts. Even a paid-post bloggers can make their blogs interesting if they have the flair for writing. And non-paid post bloggers do produce boring craps even when they are writing solely for the sake of blogging.

However, my topic today is how writing paid posts MAY increase our Google Adsense income. Note that I emphasize the MAY because it is just my own theory and based on what I noticed.

You see, if we are merely blogging about our dogs, our homes, our kids and stuffs like that, we hardly hit on any important keywords. Keywords make all the difference. There are magical keywords that will give you lots of moolah. And if you haven’t already noted, most of our paid posts have very high paying keywords. The advertisers asked us to insert those few terms like DUI, ohio lemon law, debt consolidation and etc. Do you realise that these are high paying keywords?

Let’s see what these keywords estimates are. I copy them from the Top Adsense Keywords. Pardon the wrong alignment. And don’t believe everything you see there.

Below are the top 50 highest paying keywords from our database.
Keyword Clicks / Day Average CPC

federal loan consolidation 2.2 $60.04
term life quotes 2.7 $58.40
indiana lemon law 0.9 $58.21
home equity loan rates 6.4 $57.26
equity loan rates 7.3 $56.98
mesothelioma lawyers 0.62 $56.01
life insurance quotes 22 $55.72
student loan consolidation 17 $55.15
home equity line credit 3.6 $54.90
equity line of credit 24 $54.17
term life insurance quotes 5.2 $53.39
miami dui lawyer 0.05 $53.15
donate car 45 $52.57
home equity line of credit 22 $52.30
term insurance quotes 2.3 $51.96
term life ins 3 $51.77
debt consolidation loan 15 $50.95
conference calling services 0.83 $50.51
home equity 37 $50.20
equity line 5.7 $49.79
student loan consolidations 0.76 $49.76

Now, I am sure many paid posts blogger notice these are familiar terms that we have used many times over in our paid posts. Do you see the benefits of taking the occassional paid posts on our blogs? If not for them, we probably are still writing about the foods we ate, the shoes we bought and never realised those loans and insurances keywords will make better income for us. If our post gets on the search engines and someone clicks on our adsense, we benefit. So, writing paid posts is actually a win-win situation in the long run. Just don’t over do it.

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6 thoughts on “How writing paid posts MAY increase Google Adsense


    (July 11, 2007 - 6:22 pm)

    I agree it may increase your Google AdSense in the short term. But posting a lot of unrelated posts watered down your focus. Your search engine rankings could suffer as a result.

    Then you could be hit with smart pricing where “federal loan consolidation” may only worth 0.02 cents instead of the $60+ per click.

    AdWords advertisers could stop their ad from showing on your site if they find it doesn’t convert.

    Jason Neuman

    (July 11, 2007 - 7:04 pm)

    Yes I agree paid posts will increase SEO but you do have to be careful how many you have on your front page because you risk p****** readers off if there are too many.


    (July 11, 2007 - 8:14 pm)

    Before this I never know paid post MAY help in Adsense earning, now I learnt the idea, thanks


    (July 11, 2007 - 10:03 pm)


    Congrats, your site is now listed on the updated Do Follow List!



    (July 11, 2007 - 10:30 pm)

    I didn’t notice is an “do follow” blog, nice one


    (July 18, 2007 - 1:18 am)

    I find that most people who are against paid posts throw out doom and gloom projections based on absolutely no facts or real world experience. “Do this and your blog will be de-listed”, “Do this and your click values will plummet”, “The short term gain is not worth the risk”. Where is the proof? Google’s webmaster terms don’t dictate that you can’t have paid posts… just that the be identified (something I don’t necessarily care for either)

    Well… I don’t particularly care for blogs with nothing but paid reviews, but they are not my blogs. I don’t tell others how to run their sites. If you can get a spike in earnings due to something above board — like a paid post that clearly identifies itself as such (so that the Cuttlets don’t turn you in), go for it. I’d take 10 or 20 $40 clicks if you want to pass them on!

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