How to survive the early blogging days?

I did a guestblogging at Terence’s blog two days ago. He is my regular blog reader and recently just returned to blogging. Sometimes, the nicest posts are those that you write without much care. This post is one of them. The post written by me listed out those long, lonely days when we do not have much readers.

In fact, surviving the early days of blogging needs some perseverance. A lot of bloggers dropped out after losing that initial enthusiasm.

So how to survive those early days?

Just keep writing like you have an audience. Even if that single audience is someone you forced him/her to read. Or if there is really no one reading, then, play the dual role. You blog and you read! I have done that myself and am still doing it. I have a few blogs that no one reads. Yet, I write like it matters. I write like it is some of the world best discovery. I don’t give a shit if anyone reads or not.

After all, a blog is our personal space. Enjoy that privacy while you can before it turned into a public spittoon or public toilet.

Check out Terence’s blog. (and please ignore the gaudy green links. LOL, I messed with the css and am too lazy to revert back to the original css. Hoi, Taukeh, sorry lah, my USB light too dark, I can’t see properly. Maaf, tuan. LOL)

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3 thoughts on “How to survive the early blogging days?


    (August 3, 2007 - 3:06 am)

    seems we are from same part of the world, from the lah’s etc.
    nice article and i am going though ur blog righ tnow


    (August 3, 2007 - 5:05 am)

    Most of times, you get a reward when you do something without expecting to receive nothing in return. I think, this is exactly what happens when you are the writer and the reader of your first posts. If you are persistent, the number of visitors who are interested in reading your posts increase sooner or later.


    (August 4, 2007 - 1:33 am)

    My blogs are still new and I agree, you just have to write like someone is reading it. My opinion is that if you write this way, people will read it and come back and read more. I also write what I feel like, if I have an opinion on it, I write about it, if not I don’t.

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