How to start a blog?

This post is for Irfana who wrote to me to ask about blogging.  Well, Irfana, you can find many tutorials and resources on how to start a blog.  But I shall just share what I recommended.

Free services

There are many free services which offer you very easy to manage blogs.  It takes just three steps to start one.  But many of these freebies come with a catch.  You cannot place advertisements on their site.  Well, it does make sense because after all, they need to pay for your bandwith and diskspace.  Some of the providers inserted their own advertisements and some even shut down your blog if you go against their ‘no advertising’ terms of service.

So, if you are just starting out and with no budget to get a paid service (it costs only around RM200 for a year actually), the only one worth checking out is Blogspot.  Blogspot is under Google.  You can insert Google Adsense with just one click.  Some bloggers are writing paid posts using Blogspot too.

This link will take you to Blogger and you are on your way to owning a blog!  Congratulations!  But wait…there are many pitfalls and tricks and tips to learn.  Will write more about that later when you are familiar with the dashboard, ok?

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