How to make money from sugar daddy

I found this amusing search yesterday. Apparently, my post about Google being a sugar daddy has gotten on Google search result. Some conniving girl out there must be looking for tips to milk a sugar daddy. Well, my dear, it is not hard to do that. In fact, it is much easier than blogging for money.

If you have these assets, you are good to go :

1) Long hair, smooth skin, big puppy eyes or Chinese almond-shape eyes (Caucasian fat, big bellied, ED men digs Asians LOL)

2) Red, ruby, pouting lips – You can achieve this easily with lipstick

3) Big busts – You just need some moolahs to go for breast enlargements or breast augmentations

4) Good skills – And no, not in blogging but in bed

5) Smart in playing the little girl in distress act

6) Cunning, available 24/7, ready to be alone on festivals (because sugar daddy has a real home to go to)

7) Smart in money management. You need to store up the moolahs you milked from sugar daddy, you know? He doesn’t have a long life span because he will either die of heart attack soon or you are going to be attacked by the wife. So store hay while the sun shines.


Some day…when I am a millionairre and when I am rich enough, I want to be a sugar mommy too. LOL! I just joked with a guy that when I earn a million US dollars per month from Adsense , I am going to ‘pau’ him. (pau = wrap or maintain as toyboy) He said he will willingly lie naked for me to wrap up like a dumpling. Hahaha. I think by that time, both of us are good to be wrapped and buried six feet under like mummies.

Another non-useful tips brought to you by the 5xmom.

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3 thoughts on “How to make money from sugar daddy


    (December 5, 2007 - 5:29 pm)

    Reminds me of a friend who actually has a sugar daddy. Dunno how she managed to seduce the man because she’s really quite fat and unattractive. But after reading your post, I think she’s probably followed your rule #4-good skills in bed!

    And this got me wondering again, how could the man even stand her?? Must’ve been DOING IT with his eyes closed! Haha..I’m so bad :p


    (December 7, 2007 - 12:57 am)

    lol. is that really money making kah??
    hahah. funny2

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