Previously, I wasn’t allow to insert Google Adsense ads in between my posts. So, I obviously never keep in touch with which WordPress plugin works best. I want something that inserts the 468 x 60 ads into the middle of my post. *evil grins* Anyone can tell me which plugin is it? I have the Adsense injection plugin which randomly inserts the ads but someone pointed out to me about something. So, I have deactivated that plugin.

Please provide link?

Reminder : You CANNNOT add Adsense in your posts if you write paid posts. You can get banned or suspended from the networks.

And then….I found that when you Google for 5xmom, you get this :


I know this is a new feature introduced by Google recently but I have forgotten where I read that. I had scoured Webmaster Central and can’t seem to find it. Eh, this makes me damn grand, ok? I get a whole lists and not just one result. *pops champagne* On the other hand….no wonder, Google knows my ‘dirty’ act. *sigh*

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