How to add more authors/writers/editors into your WordPress

This WP Tip by Donncha sort of remind me of how important it is to protect our Admin status on our own blog. Donncha suggested not using the Admin as your author. BTW, new bloggers should take a look at their User profile and find a nicer name instead of the cold and distant Admin persona.

Before I go on, remember that if you are writing for PayPerPost, you cannot have more than one blogger blogging from that blog. Even husband and wife are not allowed to blog from the same blog because this is considered a Community blog which is against PPP’s TOS.

Point no. 5.4 D – Community Blogs. Blogs with more than one contributor/author.

However, I am sure it is different from guest blogging where someone comes in to blog once in a blue moon as a guest. I am not too sure about that so you shall need to ask PPP if you like.

Here’s the tutorial on how to add a user:


On your dashboard, click User, then Author and User


Scroll down and add in a new user, select their level of authority. I added a 5xmom as Editor in my own blog. Remember that as Administrator, we have control over the password so if you added someone and later wish to kick them out, you can just delete the user.

Post Author: lilian