How the *beep* my posts pinged four/4/empat/si/sei times at PPS?

Don’t stare at me. I didn’t do it. I merely do the usual trackback and it is supposed to go out only once. Anyway, I cannot possibly ping four pings within 60 seconds.


See? Four pings PPS within 1.49 am.

This is the method I use normally:


I add PPS ping URL into the trackback. I only make selective pings. I don’t ping my paid posts. I don’t ping boring posts. I believe none of us should. *gives killer stares at those paid posts on PPS, stop it already, ok?*

Since someone asked me where to ping our blog posts, here is one :

Project Petaling Street

PPS is great. PPS is good. PPS is nice.

*please don’t scold me, it is not my fault*

Post Author: lilian