How much do I make from Adsense?

Over the weekend, I receive some emails and think it is easier I reply them on my blog since they are all related to this site. KennyP asked me if it is worth it to instal Google Adsense and how much I make from my blogs.

Well, I won’t reveal how much I made from the top four sites but let me show you a peek at how pathetic my Adsense income is on four of the lower ranking blogs.

Remember that we cannot reveal our CTR and clicks but we can show how much in total we made.


These are the four blogs :

1) Digital Photo : PR 4/10 dropped to PR3/10 because I was too lazy to write further as my hobby has sort of fizzled out. Ish, I was about to go to the International Flora show about now but the sky has turn black. There goes my photo outing.

2) 5xmom or rather this Make$ Money$ blog – Trust me, traffic is pathetic. It is only in this last month that I am starting to get organic traffics. So, don’t think of writing a make money blog. It is a complete waste of time. But I am doing this because I treat it more like a platform to share with my true blue noobs friends.

3) Mom’s Daily – I have PPP-tised it and yeah, folks, another useful tip. Don’t hope to earn Adsense when you start writing paid posts. You do get penalised for it. But then, bah, no big deal.

4) Women Only! – I don’t know how I screwed up the permalinks. It used to be date/post title and somewhere along, I accidentally changed it to numbers. Then, traffic drop like mad. This blog used to rule in sex keywords but now, no more. It is dead. But never mind, it is getting good income of over USD100 in TLA per month, more than USD300 in paid posts so, the verdict is – Write easy stuffs if you intend to make money. Forget about technology and make money unless you have real talents.

And here’s how much my Adsense dashboard shows :


You may say…wow, that’s a lot. Per day?

Hehehe, per month, from May 1st to May 28th. Now, that’s is so pathetic, right? Well, not really. I have some sites that can touch this amount per day. So, in all, Google Adsense is still do-able. But you can forget about Adsense if you have only one blog. They are a waste of space.

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11 thoughts on “How much do I make from Adsense?


    (May 28, 2007 - 2:58 pm)

    Wah! That’s comforting to know that my adsnail is pacing like your “lower ranking blog”. LOL!


    (May 28, 2007 - 3:50 pm)

    Thanks to Lilian for answering my question officially and telling us your useful advices.

    “Don’t hope to earn Adsense when you start writing paid posts. You do get penalised for it.”
    Do you mean we cannot put Adsense on the blog if the blog is writing paid posts?

    Now I got some idea about the earning from Adsense, so it’s almost impossible to earn big money from Adsense unless you have very very high traffic.

    Can you tell us which of your blog can touch the amount? ;P

    I am wondering how some people earning so much from Adsense, what is the secret? I think Lilian know some of them :D

    website copywriter

    (May 28, 2007 - 7:31 pm)

    Adsense may not be a big source of revenue for some blogs, but it could still prove to be an effective money-making tool. Besides, whether you make $1, $10, or $100 per month through Adsense, that still makes you a few dollars richer.


    (May 28, 2007 - 9:29 pm)

    it’s still money.. lol


    (May 29, 2007 - 1:26 am)

    I´m from spain and with my blog i make $30 per month

    […] my last post about How much money I make from Adsense, KennyP stills think there must be some things I am not revealing. Hehehe. You are right, Kenny. […]

    website copywriter

    (May 29, 2007 - 5:12 pm)

    I’m curious — is that from Adsense alone, Surfista? If it is, you’re not doing bad at all, good for you.


    (May 29, 2007 - 6:13 pm)

    Now i don’t feel so bad about my almost non-existent Adsense earnings! I have been thinking of removing them altogether since i am doing paid posts.


    (May 29, 2007 - 7:56 pm)

    yes, adsense alone.


    (May 29, 2007 - 9:16 pm)

    I beg to differ on adsense wasting space if you only have one blog :)

    Pablo Rosales

    (May 30, 2007 - 6:47 am)

    Damn! I was trying to make money with adsense… well maybe living from it is not easy… I making like $25 in my second month (one blog, two months old)

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