My referrals are like a mile long.

I have like more than 15 WidgetBucks widget.

And tadaaaa…..drum roll please, hold your breath….don’t squint, don’t blink….watch closely……

I made :

83 from my referrals

9 from my CPM ads (CPM is for Asian traffic, per thousand views, you get money. Per farking THOUSAND, ok?)

99 from my Widget (Widget is when someone from the United States click on the widget and I get one click)

Now, how much is the total…..

Whoa…..that’s a lot of numbers to count.

And you know in what denomination? It is US Dollar.

And you know what are those numbers? It is 83 freaking cents from referrals, 0.09 cents from CPM and 99 cents from my Widget. And I don’t even know what is 0.09 cents. Is it one five cents and four one cents? Or is it less than one one cent? I still have USD22 bucks there and I cannot get my payment until I hit USD50. That’s like another decade. LOL.

Now, you tell me, don’t you just want to give WidgetBucks the………(you fill in the blank)

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