Let me count the ways I monetize my blogs. The methods may not focused on one single blog but spread out over a few.

1) Google Adsense

2) Paid Posts

3) Links on the side bar

4) Links at the bottom of pages

5) Links sold on per month basis, inserted into our old posts

6) Random links with pop up bubble like Infolinks.

7) Banner ads

8) Chitika premium which appears only to traffic from USA

Ok, this post is about method number 6. Previously, I use Kontera but Kontera warned me that I cannot use Kontera with some other ads program. The frustrating thing is, after two emails, they still did not tell me what I did wrong and I hate being warned that my account may be suspended. Luckily, Hongkiat told me about Infolinks. So, I took off Kontera and replaced with Infolinks. They work in similar way, so you can choose one.

Infolinks work with Google Ads so you do not have to worry about that part too. Want to try Infolinks? Use my referral link, please? I ask nicely, ok? Hehehe.

If you do not now how to mess with the javascripts, don’t hesitate to ask. I have seen some publishers with loads of green, double underlined links. You can change the colour and reduce the number of links, you know? I have changed mine to only five and when I do paid posts, I just ‘hide’ the infolinks from appearing.

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