Over on Paypal site, they mentioned that it takes about five to seven working days to transfer money from our PayPal account to our Malaysian banks like Alrajhi or Public Bank.

If you want to know how to transfer the money, you can read my post on how to transfer money from PayPal
. I have some screen shots on the steps to take.

Meanwhile, below is the screenshot that shows that money is transferred from PayPal to Alrajhi within three days only.

Picture 2.png

As you can see, we can only transfer USD495 per 24 hour. (it is USD500 minus USD5 charged by PayPal for admin fee). I have to make the withdrawal every 24 hours as I do not like to keep money in my PayPal for fear of hacking or phising scam.

Anyway, I am such a good girl, I never use PayPal to buy anything. All just go into the bank, for my children’s education. :)

The foreign exchange for USD to MYR has weakened again. Last few weeks, I get RM 1,767.00 for USD495. Now, the amount has dropped to RM1,681.88. Well, can’t complain. It is still money and I must thank God for the blessings. Like how we said it in Bahasa Malaysia, Rezeki tu Tuhan yang beri. Syukurlah.

BTW, menj asked if that is a daily income. LOL, if that is, I will be too busy spending money to bother about blogging. It is a twice a month income. Normally, I get payments on the 1st of the month and around 10th of the month (amount is pittance only compared to the beginning of the month). It is hard work, ok? But we can still make money from blogging if we work hard.

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