From my observation, it takes about three months for a site to get a pagerank. For example, my Penang Hawker Foods blog took five months. But that’s because I started blogging actively only in March and the last pagerank update was in April. So, I missed the boat and now, in the next pagerank update, I get a PR 1/10.

New Domain
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Finally, I have moved all the yummy and delicious foods from Penang into its own domain. This blog is still under constructions and is currently not accessible.
This post is just to commemorate the moving in.

This is to answer the question from A struggling blogger‘s question on how long it took me to get a pagerank.

Other things to take into consideration in order to get a pagerank are :

1) Decent traffic – You need organic traffic. Organic means those that come from search engines.

2) Backlinking – You need people to link you. For me with so many blogs, it is not difficult for me to link my own blogs whenever I have the chance.

3) Real contents and not just RSS – I have a blog aggregator and though I may get a nice pagerank the first time around the pagerank will disappear when Google notices that it is a blog aggregator with very little traffic. Moral of the story, stop stealing contents already!

The next pagerank update is probably another three months from now. So, start working on the above and hopefully, the green juice will appear.

As for those sites which had been Google smacked to PR 0/10, I have given up on ever seeing a pagerank.

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