The answer is between 2 days to 2 weeks.

And the weirdest thing is when it has been delayed, all you need to ‘unplug the delay’ is to make another withdrawal. It has happened to me twice. When I am tired of waiting, I just withdraw another batch of money and the ‘clogged’ up money will come through. I tried it once with USD20 and sure enough, two USD100 withdrawals went through with the USD20.

alrajhi copy

The above are part of my withdrawals and you can see how some withdrawals take 14 days while some just take 2 days. There isn’t a standard time frame. Because of that, I still opt for my ‘next business day’ clearance through a friend at beginning of the month when I get the lump sum payment from TLA, RM, Linkworth and etc. Paying USD5 per day is not only troublesome but damn tiring.

As for the exchange rates, for USD495 which is the maximum limit I can withdraw per day, I get between RM1,613 and RM1,640. That means the exchange rate is between 3.25 to 3.31. Whatever happened to the good old days when I can get RM380 for every USD100 when I was making money with Google Adsense.

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