How does ReviewMe affects us bloggers?

As all of you may know, ReviewMe recently starts a new approach of doing paid reviews. We only get USD5 per piece for a 200 words review.

I thought that spells the end of my USD100 (USD50 to me, as ReviewMe takes 50% cut) writing assignments. However, that was not the case. Yesterday, I received one ReviewMe assignment on my Best Recipe blog. I have six blogs registered on ReviewMe and so far, I did earn a decent amount of ReviewMe assignments. However, they are not that frequent and I earn only the maximum of USD240 per month and at other times around USD100.

I believe discerning advertisers who are normally ads agencies can decide for themselves if they wish to find a targetted blog to do a review for them for the exposure and also the backlink in helping with SEO or they want a lot of links without caring where the links are from. As a blogger, I am extremely proud of the quality of my reviews. I hold the same principle of giving the best without differentiating if I am getting paid USD3 or USD110. (these are my lowest and highest amount I had received) Although of course, the extra screenshots and extra words do come into play if the amount is over USD50.

Right now, I did take a few USD5 campaigns because the stuffs are relevant to my blogs. Otherwise, I take it because I can use the site as a talking point, like my previous post. As bloggers, I usually ran out of things to write but having these reviews do jumpstart the brain juice to continue writing. So, I am not complaining much about this new ReviewMe’s campaigns. If there is something good, I will take it for 5. If not, I am still making close to a USD100 on PayPerPost each day.

However, I believe those A-list bloggers who are so used to charge exorbitant fees do feel the pinch. Suddenly, their exclusivity and elitism are shattered. Take a look at the interesting discussion going on at John Chow‘s site. I was alerted to this thread by Beth who wasn’t too pleased with the comments there.

So, once again, my strategy of having multiple blogs with multiple ‘normal’ niche topics and multiple blog rankings pays off. I have plenty of place to distribute the paid posts and at the same time, creating a presence on the internet. Remember – Never rely too much on one blog and one identity. Once the golden goose is dead, there will be no more golden eggs.

Now my multiple identity is going to watch Spiderman 3 instead of writing multiple blog posts. :P

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1 thought on “How does ReviewMe affects us bloggers?


    (June 29, 2009 - 8:56 pm)

    I am in two minds about having more the one blog. I only have a few things I feel I can write contently about, so having another blog about health and one about gaming is pointless to me.

    If I can make my site remotely successful, I will let you know. Right now I am happy blogging and trying to ignore that gravy train.


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