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Before you get giddy over the prospect of making money blogging and start counting your chicken before the eggs hatch, let me give you the bad news. You cannot make money blogging.

I have received quite a few emails and also comments asking me how they can make money. These come from folks who just started blogging for a few days. I usually am not able to get around to reply their emails and comments. So, let me pay back by giving you the very, very basic steps. I had probably written some related posts before but if I am too lazy to dig up the archives, I bet new comers will be lazy as well. So, here goes….

STEP ONE – Write, write and write and submit blog to be indexed by search engines

Start writing, keep your blog filled with at least two weeks worth of posts before you go to step two. If you have not given up after two weeks and if you have already filled at least 14 posts, then, you are ready to go to step two. But before that, submit your blog to be indexed by the search engines. Again, I am not going to teach you where to go. Just Google ‘submit URL (insert Yahoo, or MSN or Google). You will be able to find the links. Don’t fall for those ‘Free site submission to 1,000 search engines’. Those are bull craps. They will spam you to death.

STEP TWO – Put a stat counter to track traffic

Instal a stat counter. You can get it free from a few sites. I stick with Sitemeter and other bloggers like StatCounter. I am not giving links to their sites. Just Google it! Let me warn you, it is very depressing to see the stats. It may kill your ambition to be a problogger.

STEP THREE – Ping and pimp

Ping your blogs. What is ping? It is like pimping. Showing off your blog. There are many places to ping. But you know what? Those big names hardly drive any traffic to you. So, the safest is to find some crappy ones near your city/town/country. I live in a small country so we have only a couple. Start small. Google for blog aggregator or blog ping or some keywords like that and insert your country/city name.

STEP FOUR – Read others blogs, comments and stick around

I hope you have had read enough blogs before you start blogging? You probably have some regular blogs you visit. And if you want the extra lead, you should have commented in some blogs. Remember, commenting is the best way to help you to find some blogging peers. Try some famous blogs in your location. How about my personal blog? *blush* Why find a personal blog? Because people will not see you as a competition. Say if you are writing about SEO and you go to some famous tech/SEO blogs, the other readers/bloggers probably see you noobs not worthy of their time or you are their competitor. So, start with some general blogs. Show genuine interests or you will be doomed for life for being a comment whore.

STEP FIVE – Be part of the community, join forum etc

Join forum, discussion board and anything that allows you to drop your URL.

STEP SIX – Watch your blog traffic like a hawk, analyse

Start getting obsessed with your stat counter. Look if you have any visitors. Search where they come from. And when you first get your very first organic traffic, then, celebrate.

Between Step One to Step Six, it may take you at least 3 months before you eventually realise you love blogging. You have gotten the spirit of it, you like what you are reading and you enjoy writing to share with others.

When you are absolutely sure you have what it takes, then only you start thinking of the money from blogging. Then, you may want to join some ads program to make you money. Sign up with Google Adsense. *scratch nose, blink eyes, fidgets*

Along the way, you may be the lucky ones where some bloggers with much more traffic quote you. The trick to get notice is to link them. Then, if you find something they write inspiring or something, write about them (but don’t carry balls too openly, people hates that!) and link to their post. If you are lucky, you can get a trackback on their blog and their blog visitors will visit your site.

There are more tricks to come. All the above are what I adopt whenever I start a new domain and they work for my blogs so far. So, stick around and remember to add me to your RSS.

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