Help! Where is Google?

This is weird. I can access to all sites but I cannot access to Google. No gmail, no Google.

All I get is a blank screen! Helloooo!!!!!! Is something wrong with my Firefox browser or what?

But I have no problem with IE7.

Post Author: lilian

5 thoughts on “Help! Where is Google?


    (September 6, 2007 - 12:29 pm)

    Try this: in your Firefox’s menu bar, Tools > Clean Private Data > Clear Private Data Now


    (September 6, 2007 - 12:42 pm)

    no lah… everthing is okey what…


    (September 6, 2007 - 1:00 pm)

    Good think That I use opera, Choose Opera here

    Wayne Liew

    (September 6, 2007 - 3:05 pm)

    No problem for me as well. Google won’t go down that easily I guess…


    (September 6, 2007 - 4:03 pm)

    wayne – My browser was screwed lor. For a while I thought my Gmail got hacked and scared the hell out of me.

    angad -I tried Opera but couldn’t get used to it. Maybe I should give it another try. Tks!

    weirdoux – I cannot access for like 20 minutes wor. Cannot even search. But it works on IE.

    kenny – Tks for the tips. I think it must be this TM Net. Last night I do not have a line and keept getting all sorts of DNS and whatever problems.

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