Head bigger than Asia continent

*I am paid to diss. Nice!*

Oh boy, I haven’t come across a blogger who strive to make it big in the SEO thingamajic like this bugger at Take More Risks. I think he has the unpopular name of Matt. I have some issues with two other Matts who are the big boys in the playground so this Matt probably falls into the same category.

You know what he said in one of his post?

I can type. I can write and I can think. Yet I’m extremely reluctant to create any worthwhile sites. What is it that actually stops me from doing anything productive? I seem to shy away from success every time it rears its head.

Bwahahaha, Matt, m’boy, I can type, I can write and I can think too. But I know success don’t come easy. So, saying “I seem to shy away from success” is a good excuse to say that, “I didn’t make it to the rank of the big boys so I will pretend I don’t like it.” Sour grapes.

Looking further, I see that he has talked about PayPerPost missed opportunities. Wow, now, I am interested because I am a postie, a very dignified one too. But I suppose ye old Matt m’boy didn’t really update himself on the changes. He suggested that PayPerPost do away with the disclosure. Yo, dude, it is against the American wateva-wateva governing body. And I can blog better when I can squarely tell everyone, Hey, I have been fed comfortably and I am going to say only what I am asked to say.

But hey, Matt, I know you want negative response but I do like you. Next time, please don’t ask for 200 words of bad things for me to say, ok? Thou shalt only say good things. Keep on with the ego and assholes in your posts. We don’t find many of such words around on SEO blogs. They are too tame, to please the crowd.

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2 thoughts on “Head bigger than Asia continent


    (February 13, 2007 - 3:24 am)

    Best headline I’ve read in a while :)


    (February 13, 2007 - 6:08 am)

    Hey Matt, glad you like it! It is a nice change from the usual stuffs.

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