Have you secured your domain name at free blogs?

This post is for the vainpots, dreamers and those who dare to dream their online presence will make it someday. I belong somewhere here so let me just make a quick post to remind the others if they have done anything to grab those URLs from the free blog providers?

So far, I only bother with WordPress.com and Blogger or Blogspot.com. It will be too tedious to sign up with every free blogs. I started blogging with Blogspot so naturally, I have my name registered. When I first signed up for Blogspot, I don’t know how that 5xmom name popped up in my mind and it has stay that way since then.

However, just yesterday, I got a little bit curious and explore if those blogs I signed up are still there. True enough, they are! chanlilian.wordpress.com and 5xmom.wordpress.com were taken by me in Nov 2005 and Novv 2006 respectively. I have also taken lilianchan.blogspot.com which was my first blog, 5xmom.blogspot.com and just last night, I discovered that my name chanlilian.blogspot.com is still available. So, I took that as well. I don’t think I am going to blog there but just the thought of having them seems so secure. Hehehe.

So how about you? Aren’t you going to claim your name too?

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1 thought on “Have you secured your domain name at free blogs?


    (January 25, 2008 - 5:27 pm)

    i went to see both ur old blogs, interesting that u still update them.
    wow, u must be very, very enthusiastic in blogging.
    i wish to have a domain of my own, but probably later after i start work la.
    looking up to u as a role model.

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