Have you Review Ads on Google Adsense?

Google Adsense came up with this new feature yesterday. I just login to my Google Adsense and took a look at the advertisers advertising on my blogs. As I have quite a number of blogs, there are lots of different types of advertisers.

One thing I notice. There are so many ads that I haven’t seen before. You know why? Google serves the ads for the specific region surfers come from. So, if I am located in Malaysia and the advertisers only target their ads for US visitors, I won’t be able to view those ads.

Therefore, it is nice to see that I have so many nice looking ads on my blog. I have never seen them before and didn’t know that I have these advertisers for all sorts of beauty products.

At the same time, it is one helluva fun time to block those ‘Make Money Online’ advertisers. Yeah, I do block many advertisers from my blog because I hate their fugly banners. :P I mean, I am a make money blogger so why should I let others advertise, right? But it is hard to completely block them all though. If you are reviewing your ads and you wish to block those advertisers, Google wants to know why you block them. I choose ‘They are my competitors’.

I don’t encourage you to block or filter your ads because you may see a lower income as less ads will be served. But what the heck, if you dislike a certain group of advertisement, say cat urine odour on your food blog, by all means, block them and tell Google the ad is irrelevant.

I am glad Google makes it easy for us to review our ads and also the convenience of filtering ads group that are direct competition to our blog.

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1 thought on “Have you Review Ads on Google Adsense?

    Teenage love

    (April 26, 2008 - 10:21 pm)

    Yes, you are right thats a nice feature. I live in India but most of my clicks come from US. So, now I can see which ads are being server there. But the digitalpoint sandbox tool did that too. Its not really a new function but now its more detailed. Thats it. Thanks.

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