Have you check out the revealing figures on nuffnang analytics?

I signed up with nuffnang for over a week now. However, I just made a pleasant discovery that I can get many revealing information about my site through the tracking done by nuffnang.

It works like this:

1) You sign up with nuffnang;

2) You place the ad code on your site;

3) nuffnang starts to track the traffic from your site;

4) When the advertisements start coming in, nuffnang will assign ads to your site and payment will go according to the amount of traffic your site generates.

I found that I can see the number of pageviews and unique hits to my site plus the countries my site visitors come from. Beside that, I can also see the referral and also the keywords that lead the visitors to my site.

So far, only Google Analytics provide these information and not the other ads companies. The only other one was probably Performancing which died a premature death a few months back. I like this feature a lot because figures like these cannot lie and hence, advertisers will have confidence with our sites.

If you haven’t sign up with nuffnang and place the blue ads on your site, you better hurry up because it takes a while for them to track your traffic. So, the faster you sign up, the faster they have the analytics and the faster, they can assign ads to your site (when the ads roll out). Pssst….I heard from the vines (actually it is MSN with one of the founders) that ads are coming out soon. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and don’t miss the boat.

Post Author: lilian