Have you been nice to your sponsors/advertisers?

You know something?  If you look at all the forums, websites, blogs and etc, every publishers/bloggers just want to squeeze the advertisers dry.  Everyone is thinking how to maximise their ads income, how to make sure that they get lots of surfers to click on their ads and how to put the maximum number of ads on each page.

Sometimes, we forget that the advertisers are working, slogging, cracking their heads to make money like the publishers too and they paid good money to get  us to help them.  Instead, more often than not, we overlook that advertisers are human like us too.  We are guilty of looking at them as a money making machines.

Just yesterday, an ad from [tag]TextLinkAds[/tag]  which was placed on one of my parenting site caught my eyes.  I like TextLinkAds  because I can freely click and check what are the people selling on my site.  I do like those products featured there and they deserve my label of  ‘Interesting stuffs’ or ‘Great stuffs’ on the sidebar.  So, there was this Letter To Santa site which I find rather cute and decided to write a post on letter to Santa because my father forced me to wirite one when I was six years old and illiterate!
On a normal day, if I write a post about a company or product, I do sometimes get paid between USD5 to USD12 per post.  But hey, who is counting the money?  It is the fun of blogging, right?   Little did I know that the advertiser actually found my posting, read it and he wrote  a thank you letter to me this morning.  “You are most welcome, Roger!  It is my pleasure and thank you for placing your text link on my site.”

So, dear bloggers and fellow publishers, let’s give a little appreciation  to our sponsors/advertisers and not just think of how to squeeze more moolah from them.  Give them the little extra mileage and mention them in your postings when there is a chance.  I am going to do that to my regular advertisers from TextLinkAds.

Say thank you to your advertisers!  It is good karma.

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2 thoughts on “Have you been nice to your sponsors/advertisers?


    (November 6, 2006 - 6:16 am)

    Good for you auntie. I try few times but they never reply back.


    (November 6, 2006 - 1:13 pm)

    ya, it is important to track what ppl talk about you. :)

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