Have you been benched by an advertiser?

If you do, don’t feel bad about it. You know why? Because the advertiser has an option to choose when they create their opps. It is nothing personal, really.

This ‘You are not allowed to see this opp because you have either been benched or banned by the advertiser’ is a red letter word that appears when you try to click on an opp on PayPerPost. Normally, you won’t be able to see these opps on the regular dashboard. However, I subscribe the feed through Google Reader and notice that there are opps that I don’t see appearing on the dashboard and yet, shown on Google reader. When I tried to read, I got those red letter messages. Initially, I was worried why I am even benched for some harmless opps and wonder why the advertiser dislikes me! *sobs*

I checked my dashboard and notice that I have not receive any bans or benches and yet, I keep getting the message. Finally, I went into my advertiser dashboard (I have an advertiser and publisher account with PPP) to create an opp and realised that there is a button there for advertisers to choose the option of benching the blogger for 30 days (I am not sure if there is a 60 days period) if they have taken the advertiser opp.

So, it is an across the board benching and not something the advertiser has against you alone. Therefore, nothing personal, just a choice made by advertisers to ensure that some irresponsible posties do not gobbled up all the opps on the same blog within a month. However, it is bad for us with several blogs because it also shut us out. Right now, I cannot do anymore Belisi opps after I had done one US5. Blek.

That said, advertisers have the option to pick your post and bench or ban you if you have not written something that is agreeable to their instructions. I have been banned 9 times. Which is really a small fraction because I had written over 900 opps. :) The last ban was six months ago so I think I am such a good postie now. No more bans. But hardly any votes either.

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    Wow…Congratulations !! on reaching $10,000 for PPP.

    *crying* Cannot take your opps…can I disguise myself as one of the US bloggers ? You pretend that I am lor..

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