Have I missed something? JohnCow is not the same cow? (Re-post)

*This is a re-post. I have lost the comments but JohnCow dropped a comment that it is the same old cow.*

I subscribe to the Cow’s blog feeds and initially, he was like the golden boy who is humourous, witty with no desire of making money except to have fun blogging. In fact, he wrote about his bike (as in bicycle) being stolen and stuffs like that.

But now, the Cow is not the same anymore. So, have I missed any part where the original owner has sold off his blog along with the Million Euro Wiki?

The new Cow is angsty, gets too defensive, hits out too much at their commentors and very money minded. I don’t see those cow related words anymore. I missed those witty remarks and cute, funny words. Check out this latest post on JohnCow which even Darren Rowse commented it was done in bad taste.

You feel that too?

Hmmm….*scratch head*

I wonder if I can sell off my blog and someone continues as The 5xmom? I did receive offers, you know…..But nay, no thanks.

Post Author: lilian