Hallelujah! Firefox Add on – No script

I used to have this installed on my desktop previously. However, I had forgotten about how useful it is until just now. OMG, I need to get rid of some things that I do not wish to see from some sites.

Well, if you want to know what is javascripts, you can read Owen‘s explanation about Javascript-induced lag (JIL). Basically, it is those hidden codes that are inserted in our webpages. We cannot do without some of them because these are our advertisements and stats softwares. For example, take a look at the numbers I have in my personal blog 5xmom.


I have way too many javascripts running but they are all the advertisers’ scripts which I cannot do without them. So, what I did was to install this Firefox Add On and from there, I can select what I want to see. Muahahar, no more eyesore. (if you know what I mean)


I also like to have this add on because my four years old kid sometime invades my laptop and he does explore a lot. However, now he knows how to enable javascripts. The most noob of all is my hubby because he didn’t know we have the javascript blocker and often, he will be hunting for things because sometimes, they don’t appear until you allow the site.

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