Half a year gone, do you have resolutions to make money?

Once again, it is the end of the month (in the USA) and within the next few hours, I will be getting payments from TextLinkAds, ReviewMe and a few other ads companies. I love those companies who pays right on the dot. Then, there are those who pay around 10th of the month like LinkWorth, Kontera, Amazon, FoodBuzz and more.

Yesterday, I went to CIMB to cash my Adsense and I am pleasantly surprised that CIMB gives RM3.23 for every USD1. Woohoo, I earned more than RM100+, which are extras, because I normally base my calculations on lower exchange rates.

So, it is the end of June. Today is 1st July 2008. Half a year gone. How much have I made in the half year? I didn’t bother to calculate because the Excel spreadsheets were in my dead Vaio and though I have the backup in my external drive, it is too much of a bother to dig out the hard drive to download the files to my Mac.

I don’t keep resolutions even for my personal life. So, I definitely do not set very high targets for my make money blog. My target is, as long as I have make enough of a certain number, I will rest already. As for pagerank, I hope I can gain my PR5/10 on my personal blog and the rest of the blogs, PR remains status quo.

So, my resolution till the end of 2008 is to just take things easy. I will still explore ways to make money online but I will tread warily. Remember that there are more scams than truth in making money online. 80% of the claims are probably bullshits. But the future of monetizing our blogs is very bright.

Cheers to another six months of prosperous income!

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4 thoughts on “Half a year gone, do you have resolutions to make money?


    (July 1, 2008 - 1:37 pm)

    The end of the month is nice when people pay you – not so nice when, like me, you’ve been procrastinating all month on work you were supposed to turn in. Oops! I much prefer the beginning of the month, when payments all start trickling in.


    (July 1, 2008 - 1:54 pm)

    Lilian ahyi you push me to work hard to blog again !! I can see the visibility of making money online!
    I haven’t blog for half an a year yet, but i will blog for no end.
    Good to see that USD rate increase again, can earn more but nothing related to me since im not making USD right now ^^

    N S

    (July 3, 2008 - 1:40 am)

    Nice to know more people are switching to Mac ;) {yeah, I know, the not the point of this post, but what to do? I’m a geek…}

    Join us here etc.?
    or http://www.facebook.com/s.php?ref=search&init=q&q=macbook

    Blog Of Famer

    (July 3, 2008 - 9:18 am)

    my goal for the year 2008 is to earn $100K from Internet business. Crazy target? Yup, but i’ll try it out using all types of make-money-online kind of tools, especially learning from 5xmom~

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