Post has been slow these few days across all my blogs because I am so busybody on catching up with the final leg of the Malaysia election 2008 campaign. Today, Thursday is the final day all the political parties are allowed to campaign. So, these two nights I have been following the political talks around my area.

While I see political parties debating in huge stadiums in the United States in carnival like atmosphere, over here the opposition parties candidates have to do with makeshift tents and stand on their SUV to make their speeches. The rest of us, have to either stand or sit on grounds in darkness. While Obama and Hillary Clinton can go on debates, face to face, over here, many of the ruling parties refused to be engaged with politcal debates.

Our local TV stations, radios and other media have been churning so much propaganda, one feels stupid if one doesn’t rebuke those moronic stuffs they dished to us and expect us to believe.

That’s why I have been doing nothing much except to catch up on the latest political campaigns on Youtube and around the blogs because the internet is the only channel we can hear some balanced news.

Our Malaysia General election polling day is on this Saturday, March 8, 2008 and the result is usually announce from the evening, through the night and in the early hours in the morning. So, I hope to get back to regular blogging when the mania is over.

Until then, remember to cast your votes if you are registered voter in Malaysia!

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