Google it, you idiot!

I was on the MSN with someone and both of us were shrieking with evel laughters like a couple of mad witches because some people just refused to open up their mind, loosen up their hang-ups and just absorb things.

Instead, they will bug people with inane questions. Things that are so simple, even a four years old can find. For example, my four years old toddler can type a few basic words like egg, monkey, elephant etc and he would do Google image and video search. Of course, I never teach him animal names like cock or pussy or boys name like Dick. Anyway, my safe search mod is on. LOL.

Yet, there are so many grown adults who just cannot make use of the vast pool of information out there on the internet. So to them, I want to say – Google it, you idiot! Heh, I know there is a The Simpsons cartoon out there but I am too lazy to Google it.

Post Author: lilian