Eversince the first PR smackdown, I have developed obsession over my pageranks.

Last night, I discovered something even freakier. Google is human. Google sees with human eyes. Google punishes with human mind.

I lost the pagerank on my main page (because I did something notty) but my internal pageranks remain because I didn’t do anything ‘notty’ there.

You see, I thought if I put a no-follow tag on my blog, I am safe to sell text links. And if the textlink plugin is in javascripts, then it is even safer. Moreover, I am very selective and those links are really related to my blog niche.

But nope, Google has eyes. Google is human. Now, I hope Google has a human heart and will listen to me.

So, folks, if you sell textlinks, no matter how well you cover it, Google knows and Google will take away your PR. Maybe Google knows I yelp louder than others so they decided to smack me but leave others alone?

No matter what others said about ‘pagerank is irrelevant’, it is relevant to me.

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