About a week ago, many bloggers reported that their blogs suddenly gain pagerank again. They lost their pagerank due to paid posts. Then, out of the blue, several get a pagerank. I am not one of the lucky one though.

Well, I even submitted one of my static site to Google to request for reconsideration but I have yet to see any pagerank eventhough my pagerank reconsideration was submitted more than a month ago. I am not going to ask anymore as I am tired of seeing this ‘PR, no PR, PR, no PR’.

It is a clearly a case of Google gives and Google takes.

The other thing that I noticed yesterday is the mysterious disappearance of my #1 page position in the SERPs for a keyword. It is not something that I target for adsense but rather, just a hobby of mine to be the leader in that area. I was there on the first page for several days and suddenly, I realized that I don’t get any traffic for that keyword. Upon checking with Google analytics, Nuffnang analytics and sitemeter stats (LOL, yeah, I am very thorough), it is really a case of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’.

Now, I cannot even find my blog on the first ten pages. I cannot figure out how I can disappeared so suddenly because that page is really an information filled page and not just any random quote. In fact, the page was circulated as email forwards as they shared the information that I had compiled.

I guess Google noticed that I am hot and so they make sure I am not, anymore. Freaky, isn’t it? If I were to rely on earning Adsense from my site, I will be dead. You can be here today, gone tomorrow, just like that.

Lesson for today – Never take Google for granted. Google is like a menopausal grandma who changes her mind all the time. Sorry, no offence to grandmas but I cannot think of a more fitting description of a matriarch who smacks you for no apparent reason and yet, you cannot shout back.

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