Google Co-op : Custom Search Engine (good way to get visitors to hang around)

I have two food blogs, one was my initial amateur Blogspot blog converted to Movable Type converted to WordPress. Initially, I have a PR5/10 on Food Haven but I overlooked the matter and sadly, the pagerank dropped to PR4/10 recently. It was because I stopped blogging on it until recently when I revived Food Have to put up recipes for non-halal posts.

I purchased my own domain for MalaysiaBest and had been blogging on it for more than a year. MalaysiaBest enjoys good traffic and I am glad that it is one of my top three income earners so far. MalaysiaBest contains non-pork recipes and travel spots in Malaysia.

I like to keep both blogs separate because I wish my site to be friendly to Muslim readers and surfers as I do not want to impose photos of foods they do not take on my site. So, I was left with the problem of how to incorporate both sites into one.

Now, I find my solution. Google Co-op : Custom Search Engine. I can built in a search engine that delivers results from both my food blogs instead of bringing up only one site. This is the coolest idea, ever. So, if you have several blogs and wish to incorporate the results of all your sites so that your visitors can continue to lurk around your site, install the code now. It helps your visitors and most of all, increase your traffic (and not to mention ad income.)

Harness the power of Google search

Create a highly specialized Custom Search Engine that reflects your knowledge and interests. Place it on your website and, using our AdSense for Search program, make money from the resulting traffic.

What you can do with a Custom Search Engine

    • Place a search box and search results on your website.
    • Specify or prioritize the sites you want to include in searches.
    • Customize the look and feel to match your website.
    • Invite your community to contribute to the search engine.

It takes two easy steps to start and the code is a breeze to copy. Try it today!

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