Google = Best company to work for

*A re-post*
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I think the title alone will give many Google haters seizures, cause them to puke, give them high blood pressure and they probably cussed me to hell and never come back. But LOL, don’t hate me. This is really the title of a video I got from Youtube.

I got the link from Bryan and after I watched it, I realized, “Hey, those are real people working over there. So, let me shoot some emails to them and ask for pagerank reconsideration!”

Sometimes, we forget that there is a real human at the other end. We tend to thrash a person without thinking twice because we probably feel we are doing it to a stupid, dumb machine. But maybe if we are a little nicer, wittier and refreshing, we may get lucky.

For example, I reminded those folks over there after a week or two of submitting my reconsideration form in this manner. “Hi! I know you probably have millions of mails asking for pagerank reconsideration but I really hope someone can take a look at my site and notice that it is really playing by Google’s rule. I have no paid post, no text links and I even apply a no-follow link. However, I hope the food photos won’t make your stomach growling. Cheers!”

See? Short and sweet and it is human.

I really wish I work in Google. I think I will make a good Google spy. :P Just take a look at the video. Lucky folks there!

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