LOL, do you know that we can already cash out our Google Adsense income? I was waiting here like a fool for an email notification and only realised that there is none. All we need is to login into our Adsense account, get the number and go to the bank to get our moolah. In fact, the money was there since October 25th.

I just read that LiewCF has cashed out his Adsense money through CIMB. Find out from his blog. As for me…ermm…I need to get the hubby to do it. Heh, you know why lah. And my cheque for the previous month is still not collected and banked in yet.

I dare not withold payment with Google Adsense. It is not advisable because you know why? Once, I witheld payment and when the account was suspended, all the money was gone. So, I cash out every month since then.

While on the topic of payment through Western Union, just yesterday my hubby went to make payment to China through Western Union. The charges is exhorbitant. He had to pay RM98 for some USD200+ payment. However, the other end received the money within hours.

However, if you are sending money to Indonesia or Nepal, the payment is only RM1. Go figure.

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