Pablo and Emily have mentioned that their transfer from Paypal to their local bank in Malaysia has been delayed.

However, I do not have the problem. My Paypal is normally withdrawn to my Alrajhi debit card and it takes between three working days to six working days to get the money into my Alrajhi bank.

Picture 6.png

As can be seen from the above screenshot, it takes only three days.

And walaueh, the rate I get for the last withdrawal is the best ever! When Malaysian Ringgit was stronger, I used to get only RM1,530 for every USD495. For the last transaction, I get RM1,704 for USD495, which means the rate is RM3.44 for every USD1. Woohoo! Bestnyerrr….

Okokok, I know a huge cloud of recession is looming in the horizon, but let me bask for a minute in the joy of getting extra few Ringgit , ok?

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