Good PR, Bad PR with rejection letters

I like to apply to various ads/[tag]affiliates [/tag]programmes just for the heck of it and out of curiousity sake.  Two days ago, I made an application to ads companies.


The first one gave me a nice rejection letter:

Dear Chan,

Thank you for your application to the Casale Media network. Following a detailed review of your site,   our admissions group has found that it is not currently compliant with our network acceptance criteria. As a result, we are unable to approve your site for ad delivery at this time.

We thoroughly review all publisher applications, subjecting every site to the same scrutiny, and we reserve the right to decline any application. Some of the specific acceptance criteria required as part of our program exists because we believe that it helps to ensure advertising quality and performance for both our publishers and advertisers.

As we grow, our network program may expand to include sites with a broader range of content. We recommend that you
resubmit your application in 3-6 months for re-evaluation.

TribalFusion also replied in this manner, suggesting to the publisher to try again in 3-6 months for a re-evaluation.  For TextLink Ads, they even assure you that if you are not satisfied being rejected, you can write in again to discuss.  This is good PR.  One can never know how big a site will grow and the potential they have in future.


However, this other company really need to polish their communication skills:

Dear Publisher:

Thank you for your application to join the (name edited) Media network. We regret to inform you that after our review, we have rejected your request for membership.

It is our opinion that our sales efforts simply are not a good match for the content you provide. We are not passing judgment, only relying on our years of experience as to what works for (name edited) and what does not.

Duh!  There are so many way to sugar coat a rejection letter and they have to do it the ugly way.

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2 thoughts on “Good PR, Bad PR with rejection letters


    (September 29, 2006 - 4:49 am)

    At least they are honest, right? The other ones, offering another review in six months might have just been too shy to really say what they think. Or, may be they are really just that – not able to do PR right! hehe!

    Great entry, Lilian


    (September 29, 2006 - 5:02 am)

    I would prefer a straight up answer. The sugar-coated one sounds a lot like a template. LOL

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