Good day! How’s your Google PR?

I was out the whole day and got a text message from Samm that her Ooh La La blog has a higher PR. It got me all worried because I hate PR shake-up. I don’t expect to go any much higher but am very afraid of getting a big, fat zero.

So, the moment I got back, I heard that my blog buddy Ahpek has a PR5/10 for his Old things blog. Yeah, LouYeh, congrats!

I checked all my blogs and one drop from PR4/10 to PR3/10 which is not a wonder because I have sort of neglect it. Do you know that if you write paid posts, it actually helps because you tend to blog more often. Otherwise, I can leave a blog for months without touching it. So, hurray to paid posts.

Well, I am thankful my personal blog, did not suffer any PR drop. So, those theory that Google will penalise blogs who take paid posts are pure bullshits then? Even those blogs that I have filled with paid posts like 50-50 ratio also did not suffer any PR drop. More bullcraps.

However, I am so happy my Faith Walk at get a PR4/10. It is barely a few months old and I do not blog much over there too. And the church website Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang which I helped as part of the Multimedia Ministry has a PR4/10 now. Thanks to all my good friends who helped to give the site a link. Thank God, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

I got a confession to make though. I had PPP-ed my Christian blog because there are some sites selling Bibles and Christians gifts which are appropriate for it. It will sort of force me to maintain the blog more often if I have some $$$ to lure me. So, yeah, $$$ has infiltrate my faith. And I don’t care when anyone says this:

Dissappointed |

I used to like this blog until it is bombarded with too many paid reviews.

Sorry, it’s out forever from my bookmark.

Apr 28, 3:07 PM

(comment left in my previous post)

Ta Ta. I don’t think I am going to miss you too, Mr. Disappointed. I just got back from the bank, laughing all the way there and back. Still grinning now.

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