Go askowen.info

Owen is a PayPerPost postie whom I know through PayPerPost’s forum. Owen has written a few WordPress plugins which I used like the Random Link Button, PayPerPost easy insertion of Disclosure Badge and Review My Post button.

Recently, he started a new blog which I think is a great idea. He runs a ‘Ask Owen‘ column where people can ask questions. He explained :

I can answer most technical geeky questions, but if you post about other categories, I have friends who can help, each experts in their own subject-matter.

So far, Owen has answered many technical questions that non-techie wants to know. He wrote it in easy to understand language so anyone can learn. Therefore, if you have some questions that you would like to know, go ask owen. He said he will answer it or find some friends who can help. How’s that for a good deal?

Post Author: lilian