Give Adwords a try

Trust me.  It is very cheap to advertise using Adwords.  Very, very cheap.

Here are some things I learnt:

1) Site targetting is when you buy a spot on some blogs you like and target your ad there.  Depending on the popularity of the blog, it doesn’t cost much.  My ad on PPS was less than RM2 per day.

2) Buying keywords – costs around 20 sen (RM) to 60 sen depending on what kind of keywords.  Again, only when someone click on the ads, you only need to pay.

3) You can set a fixed amount per day so there is no danger of overspending.

4) The dashboard is confusing initially but once you are used it, you will be hooked.  Now, I login to my Adwords account as often as Adsense.

5) Focus only one or two areas to get  a better analysis.

At first, I tried to advertise this blog but after a while, I decided to change to my food blog.  I have RM140 in my Adwords account and I only spent RM30 so far.  Though I didn’t get that many clicks, the best lesson I learnt is how much a keyword costs and hence, I am able to make use of the most expensive keywords and use them in my own blog.  So, it is more of a learning and discovery process than an advertisement.

If you bought the hosting from BlueHost, remember to claim your USD30 free Adwords.  Just take the code and enter it when you open the account.

Go on, explore and be an advertiser for a change to learn the rope to be a much more effective blogger.

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4 thoughts on “Give Adwords a try


    (August 6, 2007 - 9:30 pm)

    How is the result from Adwords?


    (August 7, 2007 - 11:08 am) had a good article on how to create and set your adwords up.


    (August 10, 2007 - 2:03 pm)

    I’ve just started my own AdWords campaign and do find it quite painful. In fact, it has been more of a learning experience than anything else! I suppose there is plenty of benefit to be found in that.

    The Adwords Guide

    (November 15, 2008 - 3:12 am)

    Good Site
    And has some good ideas that will be very useful to me.
    I think ill give adwords a try.

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