I am pretty sick of looking at ads and banners whenever I visit my own sites. All these are within the folds, i.e. whatever you see on your monitor. So, I took them off.

Previously, I listened to the advices found on the net that the large rectangle ad format brings the highest payout on Google Adsenses. But that was before Google Adsense made the ads harder to click. So, having a large format like that would have gotten some people to accidentally clicked on them.

Not long ago, Google Adsense has made it harder for people to click on an ad by making only the URL and the title clickable. So, forget about large areas to trap the accidental clicks.

I am now going back to only 468 x 60 on most of my blogs. I am in the midst of getting rid of all those large rectangles but I have so many sites, I even forget where they are sometimes. LOL.

The other discovery I made is when I make my ads less, the CTR seems to improve. I am not sure if this is just a fluke chance or for real so let’s wait for a few more weeks and observe.

And you know what? Spammy looking sites actually look better with less ads. I think all those scrappers out there can benefit from my advice. Use less ads and your site will look better and hence, people won’t be so pissed if they find their sites content being scrapped. Talking about scrappers, I have made the blog feeds into summary temporary. Sorry you need to come to my blog to read and I hope you don’t unsubscribe! I am just shaking off the fleas stuck to the body. Hehehe.

Now, don’t go change your Google Adsense format, ok? I am not saying this can help increase Adsense income. I am just testing. If your income drops, don’t blame me!

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