I notice that the bloggers who are into blackhat SEO give summary feeds only. And I seriously think they know best.

Recently, I have set this blog feed to summary because one blog is practically taking every single post of mine to gain Adsense. After about a week, I notice I don’t see the trackback anymore. So I presume my summary feed works. It pissed off the blogger and he/she is off to some other blogs.

Now, I am also doing summary feeds for my other blogs. It is rather annoying to see my nice photos and complete posts with personal things being on others’ blog. You get that chills like someone is peeking through your windows. You know…that kind of feeling where your privacy is being invaded?

I know all the pro-readers of blogs, heh, that means those who lapped up blog posts through RSS hate getting summary feeds. But sorry lah, I have no choice but to curb this rampant content theft. Moreoever, I am not selling my blog based on the number of subscribers. I blog because I love it, not that I care how many subscribe.

It is so easy to syndicate blog feeds nowadays. One little plugin and you are good to go. (don’t ask me for the plugins, just Google it, you idiots!) I have done that for some Olympic blogs of mine. Yeah, I got that Olympic fever to strike gold as well. It takes only minutes. However, I don’t steal contents from other bloggers. I only take whatever news site with RSS and use only summaries. Legal and non-sinful. Amen.

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