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I have a great time tweaking my blogspot blog today. Since the new Blogger was implemented, I never really explore them until today.

I found a great site with free templates and they even hosted the images. So, it is just a simple task of pasting the html over to get a new blog theme. I also discovered that the widgets on Blogger are so cool! Hop over to my very first blog which I started in October 2004. I name it Karma Kameleon for no particular reason. Hehehe. Right now, it has a PR 3/10 and still get organic traffics. It used to be have a PR5/10 when I was blogging there but still, I am lucky it is still generating some income for me until now.

If you want some nice templates, go to this free blogger template site call Final Sense. I wish I have more Blogspot blogs so that I can use up all the template. I only have two so far. :) The other is my first food blog which, again, is now a cash cow to me.

So, why haven’t you change your Blogspot template? It is real easy to do. Just back up your html file into a notepad and store in your computer. If anything screwed up, just change it back. Your posts won’t disappear, don’t worry. :P

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