Just last night, while I was pasting on the privacy policy required for Google Adsense for all my sites, I notice the pageranks of a few blogs that I hardly touched. Some of those are not blogs but rather, static website that used to be hosted on Dreamweaver. Some pageranks were gone, probably due to neglect and lack of traffic and some has a miserly PR2/10. (hey! that site shows a PR 3/10 now?)

It is only recently that I started to take an interest in those sites by adding sitemaps, added them to Google Webmaster Central for better tracking and review some of the broken links. Those are not sites to make money but rather, dissemination of useful information that I gathered. At some point in my life, I decided to step away from these issues like bereavement and pre-mature babies and hence, the neglect.

While I was doing all those, I realized that Google has been awfully quiet lately. I haven’t heard of shrieks of ‘I lost my PR!’ for a while already. But as usual, I think another bout of smackdown is due in the near future.

Few days ago, something Matt Cutts wrote gives me chills. He said Google knows a lot about spam. And Google’s definitions of spam is not the kind of spam we know but they have a higher standard than that. Paid posts are deemed spam by Google, if they think it is. We have no say in it, as what can be seen from the last pagerank smackdown.

Now, this latest video from Problogger, Darren is rather timely to remind us that the only way to remain ‘respectable’ is to build a better blog with good contents.

Like many of us, Darren too had his share of Google pagerank dropping and climbing back. We may want to forget about Google pagerank but the fact it, that darn green juice really affects my livelihood so I will not ignore it but rather, work damn hard to hang on to it. *touch wood* I hope at the end of this round, I still have some green juice left. Otherwise, I will pretend the green banner I have on top is the green juice.

Can you hear the screeching sound of Freddy Kruger in the background? (actually I am too chicken shit to watch Nightmare on Elm street except what I hear bits of it when hubby was watching)

Scary times and worrying days ahead….Until the next pagerank…which is forever

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