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I picked up this article from Blog by John Reese through PayPerPost’s blog. There are many things that I would like to copy over so that when I read or hear about those people bashing us for writing paid posts, I know these words will uplift me.

The true hard workers are few and far between. Most people just want to do the bare minimum. And this is no exception when it comes to entrepreneurs — many of which never actually take much action. They spend most of their time planning and dreaming.

#1 – Remember that we have to treat writing paid posts as part of our work. And work on it, we do. Not stealing contents or giving half hearted job.

Hahahaha. I’m sorry, I have to actually laugh outloud…


I crack up when I read or hear that term. A lot of the blogger purists like to throw that word around… these are the bloggers that actually think they somehow live online in their own controlled universe.

#2 – How true. So many people have taunted us and claimed we are whores shilling for a few pennies. Yes, these are the exact words they used. Who are they to dictate what we do?

I think the same thing when I hear certain people (not all) throwing around the world blogosphere like it’s this thing they govern or have ownership over.

Here’s a little secret for those folks… it’s just a made up word.

#3 – I am going to nail that to my head. No one is above anyone.

Someone can make every post an advertisement AND have a non-stop Flash animation of donuts bouncing around their nav menu. It’s THEIR BLOG. How dare they try and tell them they can’t post paid reviews of products or fill their blogs with ads.

They can do whatever they want!

#4 – This is probably the most empowering word I heard for a long time, as a postie.

And somewhere in the middle of all the heated discussion there was a huge FACT being overlooked… thousands of bloggers were willingly signing up at PayPerPost and were happy about participating.

Again, it’s their blog, they can do whatever they want with it. The Mighty Blogosphere doesn’t get to decide what they should or shouldn’t put on their blog.

#5 – With this statement, I am now a devoted fan of John Reese, Income Blog. Thank you, John.

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3 thoughts on “For all the PayPerPost posties’ reading


    (May 12, 2007 - 12:36 am)

    As mentioned, this is your blog (as for other bloggers), you can do whatever you want.

    One thing about PPP is that for so many posties to make money, there have to be that many advertisers as well… and at the moment, the business model seems working pretty well in balance.

    I am not a PPP postie, but I have spent a few hundred dollars as advertiser; I can’t say I am 100% satisfied, because some of the blogs are pretty rubbish actually… and I can felt that they do the minimum just to get the money.

    From an advertiser perspective I do hope to see a few more postie like Lilian, who at least made those sponsored post with decent quality.

    An advice for some bloggers… do expect to lose some readers. I am using RSS to read blogs, and have unsubscribe from some numbers of it, because the feeling of getting sponsored post into my mail box is not a pleasant thing.


    (May 13, 2007 - 9:36 pm)

    Jee – Thanks for the positive words. I agree, sometimes there are too many half-hearted, crappy stuffs that people do for the sake of money.


    (May 14, 2007 - 9:39 am)


    I think it makes sense. Just because I have started to write PPP, I now really look at it as WORK. When the hub comes back fm his work, he wants to hog the net for his basketball news..etc…I’m like, “Get off..I have to work now”.

    Because at 8-9pm (our time)…that’s when the fun begins. The work, we do. “No half-hearted job” as I quote you.


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