moo minicards

Foodbuzz sent me some moo minicards today and I am so happy. In fact, I had been staring at these cute moo minicards and cannot stop looking through all the lovely photos the card is printed on. The moo minicards are printed and handpacked in London, England. The Foodbuzz mail came from the USA. Wow, how often do you get international like these, huh?

The cards are printed and given to me for free. If you are a food blogger, you ought to send your food blog and get it evaluated by Foodbuzz and see if it qualifies to join the food community.

moo minicards

Now I can freely and proudly distribute my calling cards. I do not like people to know my personal blog URL so revealing my food blogs are the best option.

Does your food blog has what it takes to be Foodbuzz community of excellent food bloggers? Find out by submitting your food or wine blog to foodbuzz .

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