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I may sound patronising with this post but what the heck, let me tell you about it anyway.  I originally had a blogger blog for my personal rants.  Then, I started sharing my homecook food recipes and did a bit of a review of the food I ate.

After that, I opened another blogspot blog just on food and places to see and travel.  Soon, I progressed to getting my own sub-domain.  The traffic is good, the response is good.  So, I bought my own domain, MalaysiaBest.Net. I ended up with two food blogs.  One hit PR5/10 and the other 4/10.  Newbies may want to note that it is not easy to hit a PR5/10.  I did anyway because the formula hehehe or the ingredients I used are all original and full of real passion.

Nowadays, I see that there are so many food bloggers.  Some of them have excellent cooking skills, some with great writing skills and some are so lucky to eat almost every kind of foods.  However, only a few stood out.  And even fewer make it a  money making project.

Foodbloggers – Do consider taking up your own domain.  We eat everyday.  Therefore, we have a lot of things to write.  My old food blog which is still  living on the WWW under blogspot fetches me some money still.

My two food blogs with own domain and sub-domain fetch me decent income each month. So, if you have some skills in cooking, writing and takes decent photos, you can easily earn enough to feed yourself, while having fun.

If you can’t take my words for it, check out Benjamin Christie’s

Food Blog Secrets and how to make yours successful

4. Your food blogs domain name

The majority of successful food blogs around the world have their own domain names as the website site address or URL for their blog. This is because they have created an identity or brand and keep it consistent. A food blog with your own domain can attract links, publicity, attention, trust, search rankings and even requests to place advertising. I don’t know how many times I have seen food bloggers write an article about changing their address from a blogspot or typepad address to their own domain name.

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2 thoughts on “Food bloggers – Digest this!


    (September 26, 2006 - 1:51 am)

    PR 5 is not that difficult. But from PR5 to PR6… le sigh.


    (September 26, 2006 - 6:13 am)

    Suanie – I think Google is stricter now ‘cos no matter how, some sites of mine can never reach PR5 anymore. And growing moss on 5/10 forever, I guess.

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