Normally, I get my blog income in two batches. The first one is at the beginning of the month and the second is before the 10th of the month.

This morning, I got the second batch of payment from two companies and am relieved I have enough to cash out USD500 plus some left in my PayPal for my webhosting and domain renewal payments.

However, blog income doesn’t look good so far.

Paid posts are paying very little so I refused to write. Many of them offer USD10 and below for 200 words on a PR3/10 blog so they can go take a hike. Adsense daily income is falling. The only good thing is newer monetization methods are paying ok.

I think almost every blogger feels the pinch of less blog income. I hope this is just temporary or I have to work harder on finding new oasis and increase SERP and traffic. I am comfy as I am now. Spend four mornings in a week either doing voluntary work or studying and the rest of the time working on a project. I hate going back to the old routine of working round the clock making money blogging. Just when I am having fun doing ‘regular things regular people do’, the realisation hits that I won’t make much money if I don’t spend a lot of time researching, reading, exploring, blog hopping and writing to make money blogging. Blek. Make money blogging needs as much time as real work to make moolah. All those talks about not having to lift a finger to make money is pure bullshit.

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