Find out why the advertisers ban you on PPP

Nyek nyek nyek…I actually ban one advertiser. Well, one of them because they always, always make sky high demands. You know, it is sometimes good to relieve stress by giving the gooodbye handshakes to the advertisers. I see that as empowerment. Oh yeah! I don’t ever want to see your opp again. Sayonara.

Then, do you know that you can now find out why you are ban by the advertisers? PPP doesn’t tell us who ban us but we know the reasons provided by the advertisers. Go to dashboard, my blogs and scroll down to find the button.

I have in total :

Written : 800+ posts

Positive votes : 140 votes

Bans : 9 bans

Tacks : 4 (out of five which is the best)

Here are mine. The blockquotes is the remarks from the advertisers, the italic is my rant:

We would like post that do not say sponsered by or paid for by.

Oh yeah? But we are asked to disclose. You should have specified it in the opp itself. I can’t read minds, you know?

blog created to advertise PPP posts

Then, why are you engaging PPP? I have 50% content, and usually more than that are not PPP, ok?

Very low pageviews.

I can’t help it if people do not wish to find out more. I can’t force them to click, can I?

And the most frustrating is – There are four which said my PR does not match their requirements. This is definitely the goof up on the part of the advertisers. Most probably they had looked at the permalink. Because there is no way I can take an opp if my pagerank does not meet the requirements. PPP dashboard won’t allow me to even take the opp. So, yeah, I am mad. Two didn’t give any comments.

Then, again, it doesn’t matter because out of 800 posts, only 9 hates it. So, yeah, I am an excellent postie. *goes to corner and pouts, licks nine wounds*

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5 thoughts on “Find out why the advertisers ban you on PPP


    (May 24, 2007 - 3:17 pm)

    checking am still being banned here …

    […] not so comfortable with this statement. Just imagine if you have more than one blogs, like Chanlilian (just example lah auntie… you’re my mentor) and then one of her post just got ban from […]

    now g net

    (May 25, 2007 - 1:46 am)

    Well, if i come across a high demand offer (and I agree that there are quite a few, which is especially ridicules if the payout is 5$) I just pass on it.


    (May 25, 2007 - 10:34 am)

    Mine: 315 posts, 5 bans.. dunno whether that’s good or not..


    (July 21, 2007 - 11:57 pm)

    I was just reading about ppp bans, I just received a ban myself saying I am too focus on random promotions. Now, just what exactly does that mean? I can’t even grasp or get it.

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