Updated :  I withdrew USD495 from PayPalon November 2nd and by Monday, November 5th, I got money in my Al Rajhi bank already.  That’s real quick. However, the exchange rate is not that great. On November 5th I withdrew another USD495 (because USD5 is deducted by PayPal).  Let’s see when I get my money.

I got the wrong URL in my previous post. LOL.

Anyway, I finally got the money I withdraw from PayPal.

RM728 from USD220 = 3.309

The above is just an estimate because I forgot how much I have in my account earlier.

We can start withdrawing with Al Rajhi Visa Debit Card already. If you have a delay in getting your payments, there are two things you can do :

1) Check that the three digit number at the back of your card is entered correctly because the bank officer told me many people made a mistake of using the last four digit at the front of the card;

2) Go to the bank and submit a complain form.

And wait…. and wait and wait…

I withdrew on October 11, October 15 and October 29 (just a small sum to kickstart the system LOL)

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