When I first got my own website in 2003, the most difficult part is to learn how to send files to the server.  Well, it is scary to me because the first time I did it, I placed the wrong folder into my public html folder and wiped out the index file.  I was using Dreamweaver back then and hence, there were lots of files to transfer.
There….I lost the whole site because of one index.html.  Not really lost but if you are a newbie like me, it is like the world has just ended.  Lucky I have a helpful guy to help me out and he explained to me how to do it.

So, if you have just got your own domain, you may want to learn about ftp.  It is files transfer protocol.  Sounds scary but it is just transferring your files from your PC to your server.  Drag and drop and that’s all.
Filezilla is a good fast, free and reliable service to use.  I normally use Filezilla rather than my File Manager on the control panel.  You can download Filezilla from this page.   I can transfer files and especially plugins to the site, CHMOD (make my wordpress editable) plus upload new themes.

But if you are just transferring photos, you can use the WordPress plugin.  Dave Taylor has a good tutorial here.

To the newbies, remember two things:

Never mess with the folder publictml.  This is the folder where all your visible pages are stored.
and never, ever replace your index.html file if you are not sure or else your site will ‘disappear’.
To those using WordPress, the only folders that you ever need to bother with are:

wp-content > theme (to put new themes there)

wp-content> plugin (to put new plugins)

This post is for someone who just got herself three domains!  I shall tell you who it is later.

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    The FileZilla basically is similar to without the advertisement for free usage :-)

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